Temple Guardians


RADICAL INCLUSION. As Temple Guardians, we welcome all to the Temple, without exception.

GIFTING. We gift to Temple participants a safe place where they can experience transformation. An essential part of this gift is to keep the space free of any individual guardian’s personal perspectives.

DECOMMODIFICATION. We create an environment and community free of commercial intent or exchange. Temple Guardians do not volunteer in exchange for any benefit - service is its own reward.

RADICAL SELF-RELIANCE. We proactively rely on our own inner resources to ensure that we arrive on-time and are physically, emotionally, and mentally prepared for our shifts.

RADICAL SELF-EXPRESSION. Our expression is consciously and distinctly different from that of other participants. We make small pushes from a great distance, always carrying in our hearts the sacred space of the Temple and never drawing attention to ourselves.

COMMUNAL EFFORT. Though we frequently work in noble silence during shifts, we cooperate and collaborate with one another to create a place of peace and harmony, a space free of negativity that might pollute our community.

CIVIC RESPONSIBILITY. We stay alert for any risks to safety, and always communicate and cooperate with our partners in other Burning Man departments to protect the Temple space and its participants.

LEAVE NO TRACE. While on duty, we leave no sign of our own personal presence; we remain in the background unless called upon and keep the sacred space clear, open, and available to all.

PARTICIPATION. We participate by holding the profound space and witness its miracles. We do not seek to involve ourselves in other people’s experiences; instead, we commit to ensuring that all who enter can deeply and personally participate in the Temple on their own terms and in their own way.

IMMEDIACY. We are present and calm, and keenly aware of all around us. We enable miracles and transformation by respecting the need of participants to fully process what they experience in the Temple as well as protecting their space to do so.

Welcome to Temple Guardians